Project Management

Communication Management

As Kaçarlar Makina, we believe in the importance of ensuring that all people involved in the project are involved in the project during project management. Because the absence of a successful communication climate among the project team members, project stakeholders and all other people involved in the project has a negative impact on the project's outputs. Therefore, the existence of a healthy communication climate is essential for successful project management.
In project communication management, especially the project manager's skills and experience in communication processes are very important. Project communication management processes, vital elements that are essential for successful communication; Most of the project manager's time is spent in establishing healthy communication between the project team, its stakeholders and the sponsor.
Planning of Communication Management; It covers the determination of the information that the stakeholders may need regarding the project and the communication approach to be used to convey this information.
Distribution of Information; It is the sub-process of communicating to stakeholders as determined in the project communication management plan. The information distribution process is effective at all stages of the project lifecycle.
Performance Reporting; The collection and distribution of information reflecting the project's performance, such as status reports, progress data, and forecasts for the next phases of the project, takes place in this process.

Managing Stakeholder Expectations; The process of managing stakeholder expectations is the process of communicating with stakeholders in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders and solve the problems that may arise during the project.
Communication planning is the determination of information and communication needs of stakeholders. Communication can take place in many ways, including face-to-face, telephone, e-mail, or in meetings. A project manager spends 90% of his time communicating. The most important skill for a Project Manager is communication. The Project Manager should consider the number of potential communication channels or pathways as an indication of the complexity of the project communication. Total number of communication channels with n=number of stakeholders
It is calculated as n(n-1)/2. Thus, a project with 8 stakeholders has 28 potential communication channels. Therefore, a key component of project communication planning is determining who will communicate with whom and who will receive what information.