Project Management

Quality management

As Kaçarlar Makina, our principle in quality management is; It is to ensure that the organization carrying out the project includes the processes and activities that determine the quality policies, objectives, responsibilities for meeting the needs that are the purpose of the project. In addition, it meets the anticipated demands and expectations of the Project.

In quality management; customer satisfaction is a must, taking precautions is important to control later, management is responsible for quality. The term quality should be equated with the scope, time and cost constraints described in the previous chapters in project management and should be considered as a circle surrounding these three constraints.

Project quality management can be defined as the set of activities carried out to meet the desired needs of the project. Project quality management consists of three main processes: quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.
1- Planning for Quality: The objectives of the project must be clearly and unambiguously set. In order to facilitate the process of determining the objectives, issues such as what the output to be obtained as a result of the project will look like, what functions it will have, how customer satisfaction will be measured and what the success criteria will be should be discussed and discussed during the project planning phase. It is the definition of relevant quality standards and how to fulfill them. In order to reach these standards, it is necessary to carry out the relevant processes.

2- Quality Assurance: It is the management process that ensures that the quality management processes determined in the project management plan are carried out in accordance with the planned. It is the continuous evaluation of the project results to ensure that the project reaches the desired standards.

3- Quality control: It covers the activities carried out to determine whether the outputs (product, service or result) obtained during and as a result of the project comply with the quality standards. The quality control implementation process consists of identifying, analyzing and correcting the problems that arise during and at the end of the project.