Project Management

Supply Management

Project procurement management covers the processes needed to acquire (buy, rent, etc.) the products, services or results needed in the project from outside the project team. The business or person that provides the service, product or results to be obtained from outside the project team is called a supplier or vendor.
As Kaçarlar Makine, our Project Procurement management process policy is as follows;
1- Planning of Project Procurement Management: In this process, what will be the services, products or results to be received from outside the project team and how they will be provided are planned. In this process, potential suppliers are also determined.
2- Realization of Procurements: In this process, the service, product or result to be received is announced to the potential suppliers together with the purchasing conditions. A contract is signed with the best bidder or a direct purchase is made.
3- Monitoring and Controlling the Procurements: Managing the relations with the suppliers, monitoring the performance of the suppliers and making suggestions for changes when necessary.
4- Closing Procurements: The last stage of project procurement management is the closure of supplies. Here the closing of all supplies in the project is carried out. This process can also be evaluated as closing the contract, since there is a contract between the supplier and the business.