As Kaçarlar Machinery, we have been manufacturing products in the field of Apparatus and Fixture design / manufacture with the experience of more than 20 years and our expert team in accordance with customer demand. In addition, after the product's 2D, 3D data or product has reached us, we quickly serve our customers by making the Apparatus and Fixture suitable for the project.

Our Fixtures and Apparatus which we produce mainly;
- Track Positioning
- Mounting Apparatus
- Mounting Apparatus
- Test Apparatus
- Manual Welding Fixtures
- Spot Welding Fixtures
- Gas Welding Welding Fixtures
- Welding Apparatus and Fixtures
- Manual Control Apparatus and Fixtures
- Control Apparatus And Fixtures
- Milling Fixtures
- CNC Machining Fixtures
- Machining Apparatus and Fixtures
- Control Apparatus and Fixtures for Series Manufacturing