Human Resources Policy

As Kaçarlar Makine, we believe that people are the most important factor in achieving continuity and continuous growth in the process of achieving company goals.

We are increasing our service quality day by day with continuous increases aimed at improving the personal and professional competencies of our 20-person staff.

1-   Recruitment: Preferred for new employments; They are dynamic people who are open to innovations, have a tendency to constantly improve themselves, have a high sense of responsibility. Recruitment of these people according to their fields of expertise forms the basis of the recruitment policy.

2-    Training: Preparing and managing personal development plans that will contribute to the continuous development and corporate growth of our company forms the basis of our HR policy. With personal development and vocational training; In line with the competencies of our employees and the needs of our company, it is ensured that experts are trained in each department and the quality of the existing personnel in the company is increased.

3-   Motivation: We have a suggestion system created to encourage the success of our high-performing, responsible, talented and hardworking personnel and to motivate them. In this system, where all our process employees can announce their suggestions, suggestions that make improvements as a result of monthly evaluations are rewarded.

4-   Working Environment and Social Activities: Working conditions where all company employees can use their competencies and develop themselves, while ensuring the health and safety of employees, it aims to fully implement the rules specified in the law.

Our company organizes social, cultural and educational activities in order to provide an environment for effective communication and teamwork among employees, and creates the awareness that we are a big family.

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